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The largest platform to publish and find 3D models online



Cedric Pinson

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CTO of sketchfab.com. Service to display 3D realtime in the browser without plugin.

Alban Denoyel

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Co-founder & CEO of @Sketchfab


Maxime Blaise

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Worked at Sketchfab

Tuan Kuranes

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Arthur Jamain

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I like to solve problems. Usually with code.

Louis Bidou

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Operations @Sketchfab Creating the conditions for our organization to stay smooth as it grows. I do have trust in people.

Bart Veldhuizen

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James Green

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Product Specialist @Sketchfab

Nicolas Guinebretière

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Feeling incredibly privileged to get to work with forward-thinking companies, cultural institutions and people who help me learn and grow.

Guillermo Sainz

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Digital marketing @Sketchfab, Marketing @TEDxNewYork. Worked @trivago, @Perk.com

Board members and advisors

Matt Turck

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Managing director, @FirstMark Capital. Blog: http://mattturck.com.
Managing Director Startup Lab @ Singularity University. Posse Leader @ The Heretic | GyShiDo. Also @ eBay | Mozilla | Google | Entrepreneur | Coach | Speaker.
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Former team

Cyril Haueur

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Natalia Krasnodebska

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Otilia Anton

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Paul Chambers

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Frédéric Cambon

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