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Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

Sizzle is an automation platform for recruiters. Every recruiter complains about not having enough time as well as not having enough quality candidates. We utilize Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to improve this massive yet under-appreciated industry. Our Features Include: Tokens - See Technology Overview. Mail (available) - A mail merge system specifically designed for recruiters to send out Tokens. Mail merge tools are currently available, but none that specifically target the recruiting industry. We provide analytics, personalization, imports, and direct integration with existing email. Suggest (future) - Built on Sizzle Mail provides suggestions to the recruiter on how to improve their email open, click through, and response rates based on the NLP (as described in tech overview). We present the recruiter with a score based on these calculations and a list of categorized suggestions to improve that score.

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Looking for PM Internship. Cur -- Grad Student CMU (focus AI & Mgmt), Prev -- CEO & Founder Sizzle and GiveToken. Vanderbilt 2013: Math, Engineering, and FinEc