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Using Neurofabrics to help people with diabetes avoid foot ulcers and amputations



COO & Co-Founder Siren Care. Focused on textiles, sourcing & operations. Former international rowing athlete and 10x National Champion.
CTO and Co-Founder @Siren Smart Textile, Hardware and Manufacturing expert

Ran Ma

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Cofounder/CEO of Siren Care, a smart textiles digital health company. Biomedical engineer, entrepreneur, quantified self, maker and a lover of all things tech


CMO at Albert. Previously partner at 500 Startups, CMO/growth lead at Hulu, Ring, Viddy, and MOG. Haas MBA, Caltech MS.

Teresa Tran

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Teresa Tran

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Product manager for a wearable tech startup working on both the mobile and web based platforms. Background in product management and UX Design.

Emma Yu

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company operations,event planning such as company seminar and party etc, coordination work.

Shen XueNing(Steve Shen)

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VP at Siren Care Smart Textile, Hardware, Firmware and Manufacturing

Board members and advisors

President of the Center for Clinical Research Inc., Professor at CSPM, Samuel Merritt University, Co-Director of UCSF Center for Limb Preservation

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