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Using Neurofabrics to help people with diabetes avoid foot ulcers and amputations

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Over 100,000 people lose their leg due to diabetes each year in the US alone. 80% of these people pass away within 5 years. But data can save lives. Clinical trials have shown that temperature monitoring can reduce foot ulcers by up to 87.5%. At Siren, we take proven science and put it into a form factor that fit easily into people’s everyday life - Siren Diabetic Socks. For the first time real-time continuous temperature monitoring is not only possible, but can be used to find injuries early and prevent diabetic foot ulcers and amputations. By joining us, you will work at the intersection of technology, data science and medicine. You will help translate temperature and other data points into actionable insights that can help save people’s lives.
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Customer Success Advocate

Posted 4 months ago

Siren Care is a medical device startup whose mission is to improve patients and providers lives through innovation, education, and proactive care. Siren has developed an innovative wearable health technology that is seamlessly integrated into the user’s everyday life.