Matt Bress

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Jordan Brickman

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Talk like a salesman, think like a relationship builder.

Rachel Bernstein

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Cornell University BS and Account Coordinator @Moat

Nicole Papasergiou

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Director of Sales @Vive

Allison Deitch

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Senior inside sales consultant at SinglePlatform. Successful top performer who exceeds quota goals month over month has tested and proved new tools for company.

Caroline Silber

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Inside Sales Consultant at SinglePlatform. Top 5 Sales Rep. Creative thinker with a strong background in sales and communications.

Liza Warshaver

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Senior business analyst at SinglePlatform; Careers in marketing and sales (The Boston Group); Vanderbilt University graduate; Self-motivated and ambitious
Founder of olü smile co.

Lee Zucker

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VP Sales & Restaurant Partnerships @Slice , previously ran restaurant partnerships @SinglePlatform (acquired by Constant Contact for $100m in 2012)

Ian Rice

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Sales guru at SP.
Sold things @ Google, managed people who sold things @ SinglePlatform, raised $ for former gang leaders @Defy Ventures. Far Rockaway's #1 fan @ Rockaway Rising

YingChi (Connie) I

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AWS cloud engineer looking for analytics shop to get more understanding on analytics.

Lee Shufro

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Vice President of Sales 4th employee & acquired. Strong Leadership background (10 yrs @American Express). @Cornell University MBA, Michigan BA.
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Former team

Kenny Herman

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Chris Russell-Walker

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Mina Salib

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Joselyn Mujica

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Abby Fuller

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Randy Jimenez

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