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DevOps Engineer

$70k – $90k
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What we’re looking for

We’re looking for experienced DevOps Engineers with a quality mindset to help us scale our products.

Knowledge Areas
Experience with AWS and it's best practices.
Understanding of Unix/Linux Environments.
Understanding of Networking, security and tools like tcpdump, nmap and friends.
Understanding of containerisation and their orchestration (i.e: Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, Fargate).
Experience with building infrastructure as code with modern automation tools (e.g: Terraform, Cloudformation, etc).
Understanding of how web applications work, from the underlying network protocols (HTTP, TCP) through to application (Apache, Nginx), browser behaviour and everything in between.
Effective communication skills, via interactive mediums and documentation.

Skill Areas
Experience with CI/CD tooling (e.g: Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, BitBucket Pipelines, AWS Pipelines etc).
Experience with distributed logging, monitoring and alerting (e.g: NewRelic, Cloudwatch, ELK, Graphite, Statsd, Prometheus, Sumologic, Datadog).
Experience with a range of storage engines (e.g: Postgres, Elasticsearch, Aurora, MongoDB, Redis) and know when each type is useful.

What a day looks like in this role
Design, build and maintain infrastructure ‘as code’ for our application platform.
Maintain and improve developer experience though networking/routing and discovery
Collaborate with our engineering teams to deliver, operate and monitor services
Have hands on experience with a range of AWS services, including Aurora, ElastiCache, Kinesis, SQS, EC2.
Engage in technical discussion of new solutions and advise on architectural decisions through a deep understanding of systems internals.
Build automation to execute common operations on various AWS services.
Leverage experience to evaluate new offerings from AWS to advise and drive adoption.
Keep an eye out for interesting open source projects we can leverage to make our platform better.
Contribute to our infrastructure roadmap as we scale our platform.
Contribute to and improve our test, build & deployment CI pipelines.
Encourage innovation and foster an environment of continuous improvement.
Share technical solutions and product ideas through documentation, design reviews, pair programming, code review and technology discussions.

How we work
The people behind Sine are smart, creative and motivated to build enduring, robust and scalable products. We invest in quality at every stage of the process and are looking to invest in making the team faster and have a greater impact. We use the best bits of agile to keep the team highly aligned but loosely coupled and orientate to consistent results.

If you’re looking for a place that’s got a great working culture, continual investment in product and people and is building a cool product in the cloud - please apply!