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Software Engineer

$70k – $95k
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What we’re looking for

We’re looking for experienced software engineers who can help us build robust microservices in AWS. Most of our team are full stack engineers and work across our NodeJS and React projects.

Knowledge Areas
Understanding of how web applications work
Deep understanding of programming patterns and concepts
Understanding of Restful API design
Understanding of Service oriented architecture, microservices
Understanding of a few storage engines, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB
Solid understanding of what it takes to build a scalable system and techniques involved, e.g: Caching, monitoring, tracing, eventual consistency, queues, load balancing, etc.
Experience with AWS
You know what it takes to build highly scalable, concurrent and reliable software, that our thousands of daily active users (DAU's) can depend upon, always.
Understanding of Unix/Linux.
Understanding of containerisation and their orchestration (i.e: Docker, Kubernetes, ECS).

Skill Areas
NodeJS experience is a huge bonus but not an absolute must, as long as you're happy to work with it. We welcome people with in depth experience in C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, etc
Have hands on experience with AWS services, including ECS, EC2, S3, RDS, SQS.
Experience with operating microservices
Proficiency in SQL
You build it well - write quality, clean code that you will be happy to follow through with and maintain.
Experience with CI/CD pipeline (e.g: Jenkins, CodeDeploy, BitBucket Pipelines).
GIT source control

What a day looks like in this role
Advocate and champion modern best practices & techniques
Apply expertise in developing back-end application and services in NodeJS.
Build new features with a focus on testability and extensibility
Contribute to a future-ready, high quality and performant code base
Develop service-based architecture and designing persistence and caching models
Engage in technical discussion of new solutions and architectures
Ensure that technical decisions support our goals of quality
Building a scalable, fault-tolerant and cost-effective architecture
Automating builds and deployments of microservices
Security awareness around the solutions you implement and have a plan in place to secure these as part of the build out
Managing zero downtime deployments which include database changes

How we work
The people behind Sine are smart, creative and motivated to build enduring, robust and scalable products. We invest in quality at every stage of the process and are looking to invest in making the team faster and have a greater impact. We’re starting to hit interesting scale challenges and moving into microservices as we scale. We use the best bits of agile to keep the team highly aligned but loosely coupled and orientate to consistent results.

We operate entirely in the cloud and horizontally scale our services, we don’t run special versions for different customers - everyone runs on the same single codebase and we are going to keep it that way.

If you’re looking for a place that’s got a great working culture, continual investment in product and people and is building a cool product in the cloud - please apply!