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Enterprise simulation software for better decision-making and wise AI

Enterprise simulation software for better decision-making and wise AI

We founded Simudyne with the goal of improving decision making across both private and public sectors by leveraging advances in computational power and complexity science.

We’re developing a platform for computational simulation models, in particular agent-based models. These techniques have been used extensively in physics and the biological sciences, and we’re working to bring these approaches into finance, supporting large banks and similar organisations to make better decisions.

We believe that simulation is the bedrock for training both human and artificial intelligence. Simudyne trains intelligence in high-fidelity simulated environments to make better decisions.

This kind of simulation is invaluable when you want to explore things that haven’t happened yet, such as policy or structural changes, study effects driven by the structure of interactions, such as contagion effects, or study scenarios that happen so rarely that there just isn’t enough data to draw any conclusions.
Leading expert in the field of computer simulation, AI and advanced analytics, solving complex problems and enabling better decisions for the world's leaders.