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Automatic portfolio tracking, by reading statements from your inbox.

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SimpleMoney is a portfolio tracker that works by reading the investment statements that users receive in their inboxes. We're a Y Combinator funded company, growing 30% a month, building an innovative product that users love, and operating in an evolving market.

There are only 20 million individual investors in the financial markets in India; we believe there should be at least 600 million. Indians save close to 50% of our income, but invest it in poor quality assets such as gold. We want to change this.

We're excited by our work. Our approach to portfolio tracking involves difficult technology - we build and improve our text processing algorithms, image processing algorithms and probability models everyday. Our growth rate means that we face scaling issues every week. The sensitive nature of the product creates fascinating design issues around trust and security.

But we're even more excited by our bigger vision - to build financial and investment products that leverage the data collected through the portfolio tracker. If all goes well, SimpleMoney will have the largest warehouse of financial data in India. This means we'll be able to build the best data-driven financial products - and help more Indians invest their life savings in high quality financial instruments.

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