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Siminars connects people with ideas

Siminars connects people with ideas

Siminars is a platform optimized to deliver short online courses for self help and personal development. The platform is for any "guru" or expert who would normally write a book, run seminars or blog to spread his message/ideas/methods. It provides them with the easiest and most comprehensive set of tools to package their knowledge for both impact and profit.They can easily layer video/text content, quizzes, polls, actions etc. into a seamless experience that is gamified and fun for users. Additionally they can build marketing pages, email lists, forums all with simplicity and ease.

We are now seeing completion rates of close to 30%,really high interaction between participants and a lot of requests from new experts to help build them Siminars.

Siminars are also being used by bloggers to build a new business model to build paywall content on their blogs easily. We are currently working on mobile scaling, wordpress integrations and distribution features within the product.

Moneet Singh

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Founder, CEO at Siminars

Neeraj Bansal

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Co Founder and President - Siminars. Founded and Operated several ventures.

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