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Silversheet is revolutionizing how healthcare facilities manage their workforce, and how healthcare professionals manage their own careers.  We've started by tackling a complex and critical part of daily workflow – physician credentialing.  Currently, healthcare administrators are faced with endless paperwork, faxing, and nagging, and physicians are on their own to figure out the complex credential renewal process and stay up-to-date at each facility where they maintain privileges.

Silversheet is a breath of fresh air. Facilities can add a new physician in minutes, automatically verify their credentials, and invite doctors to join, empowering them to maintain their qualifications and keep facilities up-to-date and in compliance.

Over time we’ll be doing more. Improving efficiency, reducing costs, and elevating the quality of care.

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Founder @Silversheet • Founder @EQAL (Sold 2012) • Creator lonelygirl15 • Investor @Chromatik, @Tradesy • Studied @University of California Berkeley
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