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Empowering online retailers to outsmart their competition and lead

Empowering online retailers to outsmart their competition and lead

Buyers don't buy from online sellers who have no ratings. eRated creates a single identity for e-commerce sites, allowing online buyers and sellers to utilize their already existing reputation everywhere they go.

90% of sellers in marketplaces operate across marketplaces i.e. they sell products on multiple platforms. eRated lets sellers import their reviews and ratings across the different online marketplaces (like eBay, Amazon, etc) they're operating on. By importing their reviews and ratings using eRated, sellers don't have to build their reputation from scratch when they start using a new platform.

eRated uses a plugin displayed in partner sites that aggregates and summarizes the sellers ratings and feedback earned across various marketplace, increasing user trust.

Sellers using eRated have seen an increase in sales by 160% and marketplaces that have partnered with us have seen increased revenue by 11.13%.

More reviews. More buyers. More sales.

Yoav Artzi

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Boaz Cohen

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Co-Founder & CEO @erated . Developer in the IDF Air-Force. High business & tech orientation. Zell alumni. Holds a Dual BA in Law & Business, IDC, Israel (2014).
Co-Founder and Head of Biz Dev at eRated. Over 8 years of experience in software development and architecture.Past consultant to fortune 500 companies

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