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Changing the food supply chain, one delicious farm at a time

Senior Software Engineer

$110k – $150k • 0.3% – 1.0%
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Silo develops tools and machine learning models to bring transparency and efficiency to the agricultural supply chain. We are a team of bright engineers, product designer, and business specialists, taking on the challenge of transforming a century old industry. Silo is a VC-backed seed stage startup, and we’re located in the Financial District of SF. Join us on this great mission!

As a backend software engineer, you will be responsible for building efficient and robust server-side business logic for product features, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to frontend requests. You will work with other backend and frontend engineers to design effective APIs that result in great user experience.

We look for engineers who enjoy working autonomously and are enthusiastic to tackle new challenges in a fast growing startup environment.


- Collaborate on software projects with product designers, frontend engineers
- Implement efficient and robust algorithms for product features
- Develop, release, and maintain backend services and/or infrastructure
- Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables


1. Bachelor or more advanced degrees in Computer Science or related fields
2. Strong knowledge in data structure, algorithms, and software design
3. 2+ years of software development experience in C++/C/Go/python/java
4. Experience in postgres/mongodb or other major database solutions

Exceptional Candidates will Have:

1. 3+ years of web application development experience
2. 3+ years of software development experience in Go. Familiarity in Go's tool chain
3. Strong communication skills
4. Intuition in good product design

As an early backend engineer hire, you'll be involved in many decision making processes for our tech stack and will own a large part of it. This is a great opportunity for people who are excited to build the stack from the ground up. Our current stack includes Go, Postgres, AWS, Redis. You will also own many product features and participate in the feature shaping process.

Most importantly, you'll be a vital part of the company and will help shape our company and engineering culture.

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Jackie Lee

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MIT CS PhD. I enjoy building machine learning and software systems.

Antonio Bustamante

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Cofounder, Head of Product at Silo. Designer and engineer. ML, automation, supply chain, fintech. Prev. founding team member at Kite.

Ashton Braun

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Founder at Silo, founding team at Kite (artificial pair programming backed by Microsoft)

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Changing the food supply chain, one delicious farm at a time

Silo focuses on Supply Chain Management, Agriculture, and Logistics. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://usesilo.com

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