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Michael Coughlin

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Founder SilkStart.


Jordan Coil

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Two year diploma in web development from BCIT, focussing on front end development; build interactive city data website, taught myself angular and google maps JS

Iain Duncan

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Director of Software Development at SilkStart, Python/JavaScript/SQL developer and software architect. Speaker and performer

Martin Nikleva

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Account Manager at SilkStart Technology

Cole Perkins

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Adam Parkin

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Sarah Smith

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Product Manager at SilkStart Technology. Onboarding customers, facilitating custom development, and ensuring a happy customer experience.

Tom Gogela

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Board members and advisors

Founder @Giftbit • Worked at @Amazon.com, @AbeBooks • Studied at @University of Victoria - passionate about building customer obsessed technology teams.

Shaun Jamieson

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Founder @SilkStart Technology, Worked at @Amazon, Key Employee @AbeBooks, CEO @FillZ

Vik Khanna

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“Luck is the offspring of preparation meeting opportunity” #entrepreneur, #mentor, #investor, #edtech, #salesperson. @TiEVancouver Charter Member

Former team

Jamie Starke

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Kellan Higgins

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Cheryl Mack

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Boris Lau

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