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QA Instructor at Silicon Villas

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The QA Instructor for Silicon Villas will design and lead online software courses for a small group of English-speaking developers in Italy.

Responsibilities include:
- Designing and delivering an ‘Introduction to QA’ course
- Creating, giving, and reviewing course-related assignments
- Answering developers’ course-related questions
- Providing 1:1 coaching to developers (availability permitting)
- Quarterly faculty meetings (lasting approximately 90 minutes) via teleconference

Rate and time commitment
$100-175/hour, depending on experience. This is an independent contractor position. The QA course will involve at most approximately 2 hours of in-class time and 2 hours maximum of paid curriculum development and prep time, spread over 2 weeks, with more classes possible beyond that.

- The ability to work part-time (approximately 5 hours a month).
- You are an experienced software developer currently working in QA in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area. This work is meant to be done in addition to your day job, not instead of it.
- At least 2 years of QA development experience, and the ability to explain the inner workings of QA software + provide practical examples
- A somewhat flexible schedule and the ability to accommodate class times that take into account time differences between California and Italy
- Some teaching experience, but if not, a genuine interest in teaching, along with enthusiasm for QA (and other topics you may teach)
- Proactive about cultivating feedback on an ongoing basis. You welcome and incorporate feedback in your work, and the work of your students.
- Comfortable teaching on a remote platform (using tools like showing your desktop and video conferencing) as a member of a virtual team, from your own home/office with team-members that are spread across the US and Europe.
- Open to the possibly of teaching additional topics, which may include Intro to QA Automation.
- Bring a relentless optimism, congeniality and passion to your work with others.

Please send a resume and cover letter to: admin@siliconvillas.org.

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