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Simplify, automate, connect

Simplify, automate, connect

Established in 2012, Signkick's mission is to make the planning, purchase and execution of Out of Home advertising (OOH) simpler, more efficient and connected.

Traditionally, an OOH deal is done manually via spreadsheets and phone calls before an ad is posted in place. While paper posters still reign, an explosion of investment in digital OOH is opening up new possibilities for advertisers to produce creative content that can be delivered dynamically. This has ignited an industry-wide race to automate the OOH transaction and build the infrastructure needed to support programmatic trading.

As a tech partner for media owners, Signkick revolutionises the way media owners sell and gets them ahead in this race to automate. Through our white-label software, their inventory is made live, transactions automated via an inventory management system and online storefront, new markets opened up and important connections to programmatic buyers made.

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Senior Distributed Systems Engineer, PHP

Worked at various ports of call in media world before finding Signkick where I add a bit of reality to our software for media owners.

Tobias van Amstel

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Co-fouder & CEO of @Signkick, 1st startup @HotelGiftCard.com out of uni

Sebastiaan Schinkel

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Founder @Signkick Worked at Info Support (IT consultancy); worked as an independent IT consultant; Experienced in optimizing software development processes.
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