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SideChef is looking for motivated, organized, and detail-oriented individuals to join our Content Team as a CONTENT QUALITY ASSURANCE INTERN. As a Content QA Intern, you’ll be responsible for making sure recipes on the SideChef app are user-friendly, cookable, and aesthetically on brand.

Who you are:
- You love food, you feel comfortable navigating a kitchen, and you’ve got a few cooking basics up your sleeve.
- You are familiar with recipes and you have a general sense of how a recipe should look and read.
- Detail-oriented. You will be responsible for ensuring quality across the app which means you can spot a low-resolution picture and a missing oxford comma from a mile away!
- You don’t mind tedious, repetitive tasks because you know every menial task is important to the bigger picture.
- You are resourceful. You don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia but when you run into something new or unfamiliar, you can find a solution.
- You thrive in a start-up, diverse, fast-moving, dynamic environment
- Native/Proficient English speaker. Mandarin, Spanish, German is an added bonus!
- Can commit to at least 3 months full-time. We will consider part-time for strong candidates.

What you’ll do:
- Regular audit of the app and recipes, checking for bugs, inconsistencies, and errors
- Reporting technical errors to the product and engineering team and working with them to debug issues
- Gather data using MySQL
- Editing recipes on a regular basis and potentially photo, video, and audio editing
- Resolve issues and complaints from users

What you’ll get:
- 50 awesome foodie teammates
- Monthly food and travel stipend
- A great opportunity to learn how a tech startup operates and learn from a dynamic group of foodies who are trying to change the world through cooking

If you’re ready to make the world a better place through cooking, apply today.

Send your resume to lili@sidechef.com and include a short paragraph on the best thing you’ve ever cooked or your favorite recipe.

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