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Guy Gal

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Yes, that is my real name. EIR @Matrix Partners, Advisor @Vidyard + @Draft Ventures. My goal in life is to not die.

Ed Wu

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Currently hiring javascript hackers (ReactJS) for my second venture backed company. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested!


Chris Dzoba

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Engineering Leader. First LLC at age 16, worked at 5 funded startups since (and two big companies).

Amanda Crosby-Rickman

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8 years of experience recruiting in-house and externally with tech start ups ranging in size from 10-250 employees and seed to series D stage.

Casey McLoed

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VP Industry Relations at Reside

Mike Phenow

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Kathy Razvan

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An innovative and transformational Recruiting expert with 15+ years of experience of transforming organizations into high performing, collaborative teams.

Suz Horner

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at Side Real Estate

Monty Gill

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Kyla Salac

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Lizzie Paris

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Senior Software Engineer at Side, Inc. Fullstack with a front-end lean. React, Nodejs, Firebase

Janice Kwan

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Business operations pro who will make data driven decisions, build tactical solutions and execute results
Engineering Manager at Reside. Looking for talented React engineers!

Adriano Castro

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A software engineer in another life, now I head Product at Reside Real Estate. We’re hiring!

Fay Hall

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Rachel Moore

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Peter Miles

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Web Developer who loves React and Firebase. Currently playing with React Native.
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