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Amazon and Instagram smashed together

Amazon and Instagram smashed together

Who We Are:

We are a company of dreamers for dreamers. We are passionate about all the pursuits beyond the 9-5. We are the influencers, the explorers, the game changers and the trendsetters. We are people — just like you, and we’re here to inspire everyone.

What We Believe:

We believe in inspiring the human spirit to break molds and routines. We believe in the unrelenting pursuit of happiness, because when we are happy, we come alive, and the world needs people who have come alive. We believe in connecting people through shared passions, because humanity will achieve more by collaborating than competing. We believe in simplicity and the profound insights it offers.

What We Do:

We’re creating an online store embedded in a social network with the idea that people will be able to purchase the same gear as the people they revere.

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