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There is no reason why the Future should only happen to a few people

Full stack engineer(Intern role) in a very early stage fast paced setup!

₹10,000 – ₹15,000
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This is a paid internship position for 3 months

*About us *

We are very early stage start up in EdTech and just raised our pre-seed yesterday, and are now looking to hire a lean solid team of Engineers. The product is based on the most sophisticated tech around Machine learning, hyper personalization, and given EdTech today is what Logitiss was a few years ago - its an amazing opportunity to be a part of this journey as founding engineers, and to experience freedom with responsibility. We are backed by very solid team of Tech mentors who are consulting us - and it will be a Zero to One ride.

Vertical : EdTech


We are building an Educational app for first generation learners to improve offline learning in their own schools. We believe that content relevance changes hyper locally and that it is not content(bigger/better/different) but hyper personalization, the ability to predict, plan & recommend the learning outcomes per child that make a distinctive learning experience. And that technology should be aspiration, inclusive, and intuitively human.

The product's MOAT is Information retrieval, hyper personalization and learning pyramids.

Overall candidate attributes

Strong communication skills , commitment and a drive to learn
Abilty to work with little direction, make most of your mentor’s time, ability to understand when you are stuck and need help
Very strongly entrepreneurial
Should have published at least one mobile app on Play Store end to end , either as a freelancer, side project, or within a setup of a company. Please share the link to playstore.

Tech stack for MVP
Python + Postgres, deployed over AWS
You will be exposed to full stack application management

Overall screening procedure to confirm your internship
1/ Screening - 2 rounds of interviews(One on design and Coding and another - a short take home assignment)
2/ After 1 week of your ramp up with the weekly demo.

Total duration of internship & renumeration
3 months , 10-15K per month.(30-45 K in total)
If you can't commit for 3 months - send a note on time duration

Fast paced learning curve and conditional full time offer depending on your contributions

In this role you will be supported by 3 very Senior mentors, who will make the ramp up plan for you - and you will set weekly goals. At the end of every week, you will demo what you built, with weekly checkin's - in that you will work towards real goals. You will get feedback every 15 days that will help you impove with a full time offer depending on your contributions and ramp up.

More about the company & where we are

Story behind the company : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/first-90-days-reflections-clarity-purpose-ekta-grover/

We are very early stage startup - which means that the amount of autonomy you will have to define will be huge. Since its in our incentive to coach you, you will have a steep learning curve! *Which is to say, that you should find this level of ambiguity something you proactively seek. (An entrepreneurial mindset) *

We formally got started early April '20, spent time running pilots, iterating, perfecting, market research/competitive analysis, talking to 60+ stakeholders (Teachers, students, parents PAN India) over 3 different hypothesis and have a reasonable sense for PMF and pilot (which will be live mid-july) - supported by some very sharp interns across IIT's.

Currently, in 4th week of Engineering for Beta launch and working aggressively on orchestrating pilots . We have got great feedback on product narrative from investors and are now hiring full time to beef up the engineering.

Shunya at a glance

There is no reason why the Future should only happen to a few people

Shunya focuses on Education and Education Technology. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/introducing-shunya-inc-mission-purpose-ekta-grover or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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