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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

What we offer

This is a great opportunity to join an innovative team in managing the infrastructure in AWS, and help to keep one of the largest container deployments within AWS online and scalable.

* You will be on a continuous learning journey, where your own input is essential in making things happen
* You will have the time and resources to research and innovate around topics like k8s, serverless and cloud native, we will ask you to challenge the limits of current and new technology.
* With our strong focus on automation, you will work with state-of-the-art immutable infrastructure architecture: fully automated and tested, and deployed through CI/CD pipelines.
* And last but not least, you will have a guidance and lead role in our overall infrastructure architecture.

How you’ll make a difference

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you are responsible for maintaining and scaling all infrastructure and services that keep Showpad running. You’ll dive into our AWS and Kubernetes stacks, engineering new systems, inspect & optimize wherever possible and keep the current systems running smoothly.

You will also support the Showpad developers, by ensuring they can focus on making great features giving them the confidence in their code is run on well monitored, secure and dynamically scalable systems. By helping them to choose the right technology to roll out their features and by assisting them with the tools needed to integrate the various parts of our development process.

* Maintain our cloud infrastructure in AWS
* Optimize our kubernetes setups to keep our services up and running
* Keep the infrastructure documentation up to date
* Build tooling that makes developers happy
* Maintain our logging and monitoring stack
* Perform security scans
* Work together with developers to figure out the best software to use, how to deploy it

To be successful you need

* A bachelor's degree or higher in a Computer Science oriented study or an equivalent through experience.
* Experience with cloud providers; hands-on AWS is a plus.
* Experience with Docker and Kubernetes to support microservice-architectures.
* A critical eye on the latest technology evolutions.
* Security mindset and interest.
* An SRE mindset
* Interest in continuous deployment and integration
* Good scripting skills in Bash; Python/Ruby and Golang are a plus
* Experience with infrastructure-as-code and infrastructure testing. Knowledge of Terraform, Ansible, Inspec, Test-kitchen or similar technology is a plus.
* Great understanding of the full web technology stack.

About Showpad

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