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No salary • 0.1% – 3.0%
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Shortfundly would be place for you, if you love the following in any particular order:
a. Movies
b. Legal
c. Startup culture

Shortfundly.com is creating a digital revolution in Shortfilm Industry. The online shortfilm sharing portal (shortfundly) start collecting 22,000+ short films to different shortfilm categories from new age filmmakers. This portal will also use its contacts to promote the films in the shortfilm festival circuit. Shortfundly shares plenty of new films every day. We are bootstrap company. So, you are not only part of team, you are part of the company.

What you’ll do
-Be the face and voice of shortfundly. Build relationships with the top founders and CEOs of the tech world, ensuring that they are passionate friends of ours.
-Should be able to prepare partnership agreements and MOU (memorandum of understanding).
-Should be able to prepare funding legal documents.

Desired Skills and Experience
-Extremely strong communication skills (written and verbal).
-A passion for working with clients.
-Great listening skills.
-Meticulous attention to detail and ability to stay extremely organized in a crazy-fast moving environment.
-Strong research skills to figure out answers to questions you don’t already know.
-MacGyver-like flexibility, resourcefulness, and creativity.
-Phenomenal teamwork skills! We are a team through-and-through, and our success is entirely dependent on working together.

-Strong client success skills (client-facing experience is a big plus, but if you’re a natural you’re a natural, just show us who you are!)
-Prior experience with client ticketing, CRM and project management systems like Zendesk, Salesforce and LiquidPlanner.
-Experience working with cross-functional teams in other locations and time zones.
-Experience in the accounting world or a passion for finance is a huge plus.

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