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Shortfundly would be place for you, if you love the following in any particular order:

a. Movies
b. Startup culture

Shortfundly.com is creating a digital revolution in Shortfilm Industry.
we are looking for people who is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology, startups, the future of technology, and building their own personal brand.

This is a mid level position in focusing on user adoption, entrepreneurship, and technology marketing. These skills will serve any aspiring entrepreneur as well as anyone who wants to help others fulfill their small business dreams. We'll be teaching you most of the things that you'll need to know as our strategies are unique and industry leading, so come with a thirsty mind and a hunger for helping create the future of tech.

-A passion for learning and an insatiable curiosity.
-Drive traffic in order to help reach exponential growth targets
-Conversion Optimisation
-Decisions based on data and A/B testing new features and ideas
-Cross-functional role – part of the product management team and work closely with marketing and engineering
-Working across the acquisition stack (SEM, SEO, offline conversions)
-Know how to use all common social media channels.
-Blogging, journalism, PR, photography or a creative writing background preferred.
-An interest in emerging technology.
-Ability to articulate with meaning and intention.
-Have an eye for aesthetics and good design.
-Strong research skills and the patience to discover the best that you can.
-High EQ, empathetic & a sense of humor.
-Creative & analytical thinker, we're a community of "why not?" thinkers.
-Grit, patience & resourcefulness.

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