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"I would work for Buf if I didn't already co-found Eventbrite" - Julia Hartz, co-founder and President of Eventbrite. Eventbrite is doing slightly better than Shortcut right now, so I can't blame her.

Here's the 2 minute founder history: I (Buf) was engineer #3 at Eventbrite. I spent four years there starting the data, mobile, and international teams before I moved to London in Jan 2013, where I became CTO of VC backed company called Rentify. Did that for a year, but I missed events, so I started Shortcut with my co-founder Richard Howard. He was employee #1 at Uber London and Head of Commercial at Rentify, where we met.

Shortcut's goal: $50B passes through event concessions every year. Currently, no one knows which attendees spend this money. Shortcut wants to provide this information to the venue while at the same time wants to benefit the attendee by allowing delivery/fast pickup. Here is Richard giving an in-depth 5 minute pitch: youtube.com/watch?v=OYqPz6PgaXg

Our funding situation: We started in January 2014, and we've already raised about $1M: 1. through Techstars in London and 2. just raised a seed round of $850k which is not public yet.
We have an office based in London currently, but Buford will be moving back to San Francisco in October to start a branch Stateside.


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