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Integration and Apps platform for the SME Cloud



Sriram Subramanian

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Founder (Biz + tech) @ShoppinPal. PM at eBay/PayPal for $40B Express Checkout product. Engineer #1 at Trustgenix -- acq by HP. UC Berkeley MBA, CMU MS, COEP BE.


Suraj Mandal

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Full Stack Developer @ShoppinPal

khushbu Pathe

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I am currently working as a Quality Analyst Lead at Shoppinpal, Pune from past 1.5 years. Completed my B.Tech in IT from VIT, Pune

Rishabh Gupta

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Working at ShoppinPal as a DevOps Engineer - Pune. Experience on Linux Admin, AWS, Azure, and GCP, Kubernetes, Helm, grafana, Jenkins, Docker,Nagios,GIT.

Varun Sukheja

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Full Stack Developer | Scrum Master, 3 yrs of exp. in AngularJS, Angular2/4/6, NodeJS, ExpressJs, LoopbackJS, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Java and Docker

Mayank Sharma

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Working at ShoppinPal

Garvita gupta

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Vishal Singh Rajput

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Working as Head SMB sales and customer success for South Asia at blubox-Shoppinpal. Extremely passionate about enabling small business owners via technology.

Mohammed Aadil

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Worked at ShoppinPal, Parkzap labs. Experience with Angular, Nodejs, Django. Went to Rajasthan Technical University Kota

Arun Radhakrishnan

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MBA from Oxford University Product Manager at ShoppinPal Cofounder of a Travel Startup Business Development Setup a Joint Venture with European Company

Yash Gandhi

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Software Development Intern @ShoppinPal Working Full Stack on the open source Warehouse product.

Yash Gandhi

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Sayan Bhattacharya

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Full Stack Developer @ShoppinPal

Kamal Khatwani

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Full Stack, 5+ yrs expertise on NodeJs, ExpressJs, Loopback.io, Angular, MongoDB, Docker, Flutter, ELK, MySQL, MSSQL, Rest API development, API integrations

Harshad Yeola

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Board members and advisors

eCommerce, Payments
Couchbase cofounder and Mobile Architect, JSON, sync, hacker dad person.
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Former team

Shrey Gupta

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megha desai

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Josh Birdwell

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Abhishek Chandel

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Amrit Israni

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