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Everyday we work on solving some of the most complex engineering problems. You will be hard pressed to find a more driven, capable and down to earth team -- above all we care deeply about learning and then sharing the newfound knowledge and goodness with those around us. You can learn about our work and culture at shoppinpal.com. Here's some background on our hiring methodology: techstory.in/building-startup-team The majority of our leadership and engineering team is based at WeWork in Pune (India), with a few key members also located in Auckland, Hungary and the bay area. We are operating profitably (along with high revenue growth) so financial / job security won't be an issue as long as you perform and fit well :)
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Backend Lead Developer

Posted 3 months ago

Our ideal candidate is someone who can can architect complex scalable systems with a keen eye towards performance, security and availability while also taking on a super hands-on role towards implementation (i.e.


Software Engineer / Full-stack Developer

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