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Our mission is to bring together a diverse and exceptional set of people that aspire to take themselves to greatness while helping their peers. All that matters is your commitment to learn and contribute, i.e. we don't let gender, degrees from "branded institutions" or years of experience get in the way of hiring or day-to-day decisions. Our management cares deeply about creating a great working environment for women; here's a post from our founder Sriram on this topic: linkedin.com/pulse/4-critical-lessons-india-create-womans-workplace-sriram-su… There's a tremendous amount of flexibility at ShoppinPal and we operate somewhat like a tight-knit well functioning commando unit. Engineers regularly participate in customer meetings which gives them first hand insight on the pain felt by customers and how best we can solve them, what tradeoffs to make etc. Key decisions are made by employees at every level with full autonomy since everyone operates with full ownership. Ownership also means that every employee owns valuable stock of our parent (US) company Fermyon Inc and as you keep creating value for the company your ownership grows quickly. You'll find that everyone is quite humble and willing to share their knowledge. This has resulted in a lot of quality open source being contributed to the community, feel free to browse github.com/shoppinpal. Which is why we are quite careful about not bringing in any "divas" that may break this gentle balance of wanting to give back and a strong sense of community. We follow a very different compensation model as compared to the industry. There is literally no ceiling on how much can make, its just directly correlated to the value you are bringing (not just revenue and your own deliverables but also how you are contributing to the team's growth). Additionally we don't follow a yearly model. Often we've done salary hikes thrice in a year in addition to stock grants just because someone truly earned it.