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Our goal is to provide better services to local communities around the world by giving them a platform where they can create and manage their own enterprise niche marketplace for free. The problem that we are trying to solve is unfair and dominant position by companies such as AirBnB, Instacart, Uber etc. which are imposing and dictating the rules that more than often lead to destruction of local businesses. Why should a local business owner pay $0.20 on a $1 earned just to get access to local markets in his own community when he can use Shoplr and get that same local markets access fairly and free.
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Machine Learning / Data Scientist / Co-Founder

We are currently seeking high quality engineers for a variety of positions. Our projects include developing complex, web client server applications; developing mobile device applications and prototypes; developing Big Data and machine learning solutions; db design and prototyping complex distribu...


CTO / Co-Founder

We're looking for quick, startup-style CTO who want to be part of a product that is going to change the world and disrupt economies.


A github account with some cool projects in it


Insightful opinions about developing for mobile and web
Experience dev...


CFO / Co-founder

Important note: We are looking for someone who can also help us raise funds because we are technical founders and we want to shift our whole focus towards developing and delivering the best product on the market.

Chief Financial Officer Job Duties:

Accomplishes finance human resource strategie...