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Finbarr Taylor

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CEO at Shogun. Former Software Engineer at Y Combinator. Scottish in Silicon Valley.


CEO at Shogun. Former Software Engineer at Y Combinator. Scottish in Silicon Valley.

Cady Smola

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Worked at Shogun

James Power

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Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills, with the proven capacity to enhance workplace efficiency, combined with the ability to work well in a team.

Rachael Harnish

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Finance & Ops professional. Demonstrated expertise in financial forecasting, multi-million dollar budget administration, compliance & people ops.

Andre Smith

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A background in Education, Customer Success and Sales. A dependable and organized team player with an eye for detail and a proven history of working remotely.

Phillip Moorman

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Head of Marketing @Shogun. Head of Marketing Sourcify YC W'18. Previously Head of Growth @Stocktwits & @SparkFin (Acquired).

Scott Goci

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Ryan Shaw

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Persistence means you get 1% better every day, no matter how you add it up. Love means you begin to see the subtleties that nobody else sees. - @jaltucher

Romnick Alegonza

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Senior Software Engineer @Shogun | Former Software Architect / Technical Lead @MoneySmart Group

Justine Michelle Apacible

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Customer Support Specialist Google Ads Specialist

Jyoti Puri

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I am web and mobile developer. I have experience and expertise in technologies like ReactJS, React Native, Redux, NodeJS.
Head of Client Support @Shogun. Front-end developer specializing in RWD and platform integration.

Scott Goci

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I worked the majority of this time with Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

Alexandre Bini

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CTO at @Shogun
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Benjamin Sharaf

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Irakli Janiashvili

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Davit Khaburdzania

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Abhinav Sapru

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Alexey Taktarov

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