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At Shleep we believe that people around the world deserve to sleep better for a more productive, healthier, and happier life. We want to do this through tailored sleep advice, which we will deliver through a first of its kind sleep app. To make that happen we need you to help us create an app that functions as a personal sleep assistant, helping our users change their behaviors. We are two co-founders, Els and Jöran: - Els is the sleep geek of our little family, having studied sleep for her entire life, eventually getting a PhD in sleep. Before she started our company, she worked for McKinsey for 2.5 years. - Jöran is the businessman in this endeavor with a 7-year background in management consulting where he served as a project leader for Bain in his last role. He studied business and law and holds an MBA. Furthermore, we have a team of biologists, psychologists, marketers and designers that are all awesome. We started by providing workshops and coaching to companies, but are currently expanding our business by building a first of its kind sleep app for both employees and consumers around the world to help them sleep better. We have already advised some of the leading companies in their fields, i.e. one of the top 3 management consulting firms, a leading social network and a market leader in online music streaming.
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