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NLP - Machine Learning Engineer

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We are building our core engineering team right now, so this is a high impact and high ownership opportunity with founding engineer-level equity. If you’re a talented NLP-ML Engineer interested in solving real-world problems and building an amazing business, we may be the perfect place for you to come and do the best work of your life.

Normally, when we think of logistics, it’s all on the same level plane. The traditional methods tend to operate at a single level to solve the problem of getting an object from point A to point B. It’s the classic traveling salesman problem: scheduling the traveling agent over a single modality across a known static network. Unfortunately, the logistics world is much more complex.

The system is volatile, multi-modal and hierarchical, with local, spontaneous events causing impact up the hierarchy, but also the current global situation impacting local events down the hierarchy. And these are positive and negative events - arrivals and disruptions, progressions and regressions, engagements and misses. These events affect the movement of vessels, the congestion in the supply chain, the national flow rate of goods and, marginally, a nation’s economy.

What if you could predict how long a labor strike in Singapore will delay the marketing campaign for your new product launch? What if the effects of a labor strike are diminished by falling demand for an unrelated major commodity? In the global supply chain, seemingly irrelevant events in combination can have major repercussions for your business that until recently were almost impossible to plan for. New technology and the Internet of Things gathers much more information, but logistics managers need a way to make sense of all the data. The best way to make supply chain predictions is by using deep learning that captures the combinatoric nature of causes.

At Shipmnts, our goal is to eventually deliver on the promise of an intelligent system - one that understands global trade flows and can assist in orchestrating its associated logistics irrespective of the supply chain complexity or compliance barriers. We've made strides with initial customer base; and are now looking at leveraging Deep Learning to push the envelope further.

This position has a great deal of autonomy, but our focus is on shipping; unlike in a lab, all of the code you write and successful concepts you develop will go live immediately.

If you are currently in a graduate program, we offer summer positions and semester positions as well.

What you'll do:

- Creating services that determine named entities, understand context between words, infer sentiment/negation, concept importance from semi-structured data
- Developing highly scalable classifiers and tools leveraging state of the art machine learning, data regression, rules-based, deep-learning models
- Owning the ML/DL implementation process: model design, feature planning, testing, production setup, monitoring, and release management
- Driving the architectural evolution and technology roadmap for Alex’ understanding capabilities (deep learning, acronym understanding, feature extraction, predictive models, behavioral models, rule-based triggers, etc)

What you'll need:

- Over 2+ year’s experience in machine learning, text classification, information extraction, Natural Language Understanding
-Should have solid background in Python with NLP either using Stanford Core NLP, NLTK or Scikit-Learn or similar
- Experience with Semantic analysis techniques
- Extensive understanding of Word vectors - their creation, usage, and application in a domain-specific setting
- Demonstrable interest in natural language processing & understanding


- Prior experience with parallel and distributed computing (Spark, Hadoop, etc)
- Prior experience with GPU/CUDA programming
- Prior experience with Deep Learning (CNNs, LSTMs, GANs, etc) in Tensorflow/Caffe/Theano/DL4J or similar
- Strong coding chops. Clean code is a must.
- Prior experience with RESTful APIs and any NoSQL database

What you'll get:

- The opportunity to define the engineering culture of a small team
- Founding engineer level equity
- Product ownership - take autonomy over core products & product features
- Design & write software to help manage and automate the complexity of a multi-trillion dollar industry - "global trade"

What you are:
- Calm under pressure, have a great work ethic and communicate well
- Self-aware and always pushing for a higher standard. Always proactive, open to new ideas and feedback (that last part is very important as we work on rapid agile cycles so being able to process feedback is critical)
- Antifragile: with every failure, you become stronger and better.
- Detail oriented and absolutely intolerant to compromise or sub-optimal shortcuts
- Problem solver with a global mindset
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End to End Import Export Logistics Simplified | Making Global Trade Hassle Free

Shipmnts focuses on Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Logistics Software. Their company has offices in Ahmedabad. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.shipmnts.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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