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Turn supply chain documents into data


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Pip Wilson

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Founder and CEO of @amicable Previously founder and director of Bluefin Solutions, exit July 2015.

Brad Flora

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Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. Ex-Business at @Brave. Ex-Founder, @PerfectAudience. @Y Combinator S11.

Cantos Ventures

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Investing in the anthropocene. We back transformative technology in core industries from inception through Seed.

Suleman Ali

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Founder @TinyCo • Worked at @Microsoft • Studied at @Georgia Institute of Technology

Lee Linden

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Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook

David Petersen

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Cofounder and CEO @BuildZoom Cofounder, ImportGenius Cofounder, Flexport