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Ship anything to anyone without needing receiver's mailing address

Ship anything to anyone without needing receiver's mailing address

The biggest challenge with addresses are - Without having a delivery address - NO shipping can be done - 50% of World Population doesn't have proper mailing address (Source UPU) - Sharing address leads to Privacy concerns - Change of addresses - 30% millennial change address every year Ship2MyID is a patented platform which allows anyone to ship and receive using an email, social login, cell phone number. Wwe replace mailing address by digital identities. Packages will follow the users not buildings. Our vision is to empower consumers and give them control on what they want to receive, when and where. We are in discussions with United Nations Postal Union (UPU) to have a global impact on standardizing addresses For Consumers - Enables Shipping to any others without needing their address. Have 100% control over what you receive, from whom, where and when. Businesses will create billions of new transactions, new revenue streams.


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Over 20 years of experience working closely with Information Technology (Entrepreneur, Services company for ISV's, Social Commerce)

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