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Shift Markets provides enterprise-level technology to clients launching Crypto Exchanges



Anthony DiSanti

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Co-founder and Managing Partner
Co-founder and COO
Co-founder and CEO of Shift Forex


Michael L. Schuessler

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Experienced technical business analyst and project manager. Currently helping entities around the world build digital asset exchanges.

Thomas Sommerfelt Hauge

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Full-stack web developer working primarily with React/Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

Molly George

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Tech Project Manager with experience in product development, UX/UI, client onboarding. Former: English Teacher, Adventure Travel Tour Guide, Campaign Staff

Patrick McLaren

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Ops Manager @Shift Markets. Skilled in project, product, and relationship management. Passionate about entrepreneurship, cryptos, and probability.

Anthony DiSanti

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Matthew J. Miller

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Current: Founder and COO of Shift Forex Previous: Accenture and Ernst &Young

Former team

Matthew Garrett

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Lucas Blom

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Benjamin Goldberg

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Michael Sean Meagher

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Malcolm Black

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Bhavna Teeluck

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