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Combating Antibiotic Resistance


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Enke Bashllari

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Early stage VC. Neuroscientist. Backing radical innovation in healthcare & medicine. Focus neurotech, genomics, AI, quantum, AR/VR. PhD @Columbia & MBA @Harvard

Josh Buckley

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Founder @Mino Games. Early Investor @Boom Supersonic, @Clearbit, @Relativity Space, + more.

Justin Weisz

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Charles Seely

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Founder @Pensar, customers incl NASA. Venture Partner @Real Ventures. Managing Partner SGH Capital. Led 65+ investments-increased $7bn+ aggregate..a few below.

Buddy Shakhashir

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2x Founder, Investor @Soma Capital, Angel Investor and Advisor. Passionate about solving fundamental human problems.

Taimur Abdaal

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founder @Causal

Benjamin Boyer

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Board Observer at Baixing.com

Bryan Frist

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Co-founder @Yoshi (YC S16)
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