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Sheru is a mobile platform to book rides for e-rickshaws

Operations Manager

₹7L – ₹7.7L • 0.1% – 1.0%
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1) New Supply Assessment
Implementation of supply assessment framework for onboarding potential supply
Ensure compliance on all parameters defined as per Assessment/grading standards to ascertain high quality leads
Constant monitoring and auditing to ascertain incoming quality of leads
Evaluate the economic and strategic costs and benefits of driver acquisition programs and work with management to execute them

2) Performance Monitoring
Monitoring performance, implementing growth strategies and maintaining the quality of services
Implementing tools, policies and processes to drive efficiency and quality of operations with proper feedback loops

3) Process Compliance
Execute Quality and Process Audits
Implement trackers that track dry run, fraud penalty, supply negligence etc at zonal level

4) People & Culture
Build a strong performance culture in the team, recognise and reward performance nurture top quality talent for future roles
Build unique systems and processes that are scalable to handle large teams

This position require strong analytical and intuitive skills as the role directly impacts business growth by transferring data into winning real world strategies