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A Unified Continuum of Care Solution

A Unified Continuum of Care Solution

What is Tgther?

It’s a “Unified Continuum of Care” solution for the homeless.

What does that mean?

Presently, it is hard enough to navigate all the various, disparate services offered to our displaced citizens. At Tgther, our goal is to unify all services offered to the homeless: shelter, food, education, jobs, substance & psychological treatment/services, alternative banking, etc. and placing it into the hands of those in need. We added a Waze-like navigation feature to help get them there. More than just another “app”, Tgther is a true platform, allowing service providers (government, non-profits, etc.) to develop, run, and manage applications leveraging our infrastructure. Then, deploy from within the Tgther interface.

It’s more than just finding a place to sleep tonight. It’s about delivering a seamless, individualized citizen experience.

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