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Connecting home cooks with hungry neighbors

Connecting home cooks with hungry neighbors

Shef is an online marketplace that connects home cooks with hungry neighbors.

Product Engineer - TypeScript / React / Node / GraphQL Developer (YC W19)

Senior Software Engineer (Y Combinator Company)

Platform Community Manager

Head of Marketplace & Expansion

Director of Performance Marketing & Growth

Market General Manager (NYC)

Co-founder @Shef (YC W19). Fmr. Tech Advisor @The White House. Co-founder @ Code.gov. CA native with a soft spot for In-N-Out.

Joey Grassia

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Forbes 30 Under 30. Co-founder @Shef (YC W19) . Founded @KUTOA (sold June '17) and @Steamm Espresso (sold Dec '17). Formerly at @Facebook.