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Rust Software Engineer

£50k – £90k • 0.5% – 2.0%
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Want to work with Rust all day, and work on building out the infrastructure for building and executing models of systems, from in-browser execution with JS and WASM, through to scaling out that computation to the cloud?

As one of the first two hires, you will work directly with the software engineer co-founder. In this role you will have a large influence on the product and its future, and a great amount of autonomy to make technology choices and architectural decisions.

Sheetless has a fully staticly typed technology stack, a combination of TypeScript and Rust. On the Rust side, we're currently using warp and diesel, but the webserver space is volatile with async/await coming through so an eye is kept on alternatives, and it'll be part of your role to make those assessments and choices. We're also building out new compiler infrastructure in the browser using Rust, with wasm-bindgen.

Depending on your experience, you could choose to work either solely in Rust, or on the TypeScript side of things as well. As the Rust work will encompass some browser work with wasm-bindgen, there will be necessarily at least some crossover into TypeScript at the interface between the two.

Experience in any of these areas would be a plus (if you have experience in all of these areas then please do contact us!):

- Rust programming to a comfortable level. Experience in other statically typed languages also. Overall experience in the range of 3-5+ years.
- Developing Rest API web services, and the testing and running thereof.
- Developing dockerised applications on public clouds (any, though we're on GCP).
- Writing parsers/compilers for data formats or programming languages.
- Writing high performance code for numerical simulations.
- Working with WebSockets for providing interactive client<>client services.
- TypeScript/React/Redux development or related (Vue, MobX etc).