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Women Reclaiming Power Through A Digital Media Firm

Women Reclaiming Power Through A Digital Media Firm

She TheQueen is a digital media platform that reminds women of the power they hold in all areas of life, through articles that provide lessons from the past and tips for the present, so we can together conquer the future.
She TheQueen runs the following platforms:
A bi-monthly digital magazine
A main website on all things "women"
A social platform currently in development that is focused on travel
A literary magazine currently in development

Instagram Marketing Intern (5-10 hours a week)

Content Creation Intern

Photography Intern

Senior Executive Editor (Intern)

Outreach Intern

Content and Marketing Specialist, Author "Sayings For a Good Life." Entrepreneur "Shethequeen.com", Avid Traveler and Fluent With 3 Languages.

Work from home

We will get you meals every once in a while

We support your health

Provide workshops for development

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