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A Centre for intellectually disabled people

A Centre for intellectually disabled people

Shaurya is a successful effort to create a self-sustaining eco system to ensure employability and independent living skills. Shaurya was a joint effort by Rani and Ravi Gupta, that was launched in 2010 a few years they had successfully settled their child with autism in an expensive school in south Delhi. They had three servants to take care of the child, along with Rani herself who was at home full time. Ravi Gupta is a Senior Advocate practicing in the high court, and the supreme court of India. Needless to say, the reason that he invested so much in his son was because they simply could. But what happens to those who can’t? And better yet- what happens to all these children after we’re gone? Shaurya Foundation Trust has been an active endeavour, supported by everyone ranging from the staff to the former- Attorney General of India, to create an army of skilled personnel who can help themselves, and others in sustaining and living the life that they deserve.

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Ravi Gupta

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Worked at Shaurya Foundation Trust. Went to University of Delhi, Faculty Of Law