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The world’s only scientifically proven electronic shark deterrent

The world’s only scientifically proven electronic shark deterrent

Shark Shield is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent designed to reduce the risk of a shark attack. Shark Shield is used by scuba divers, spearfishes, free-diving, ocean kayak fishermen and surfing.

The Shark Shield range of electrical shark deterrents are the result of over twenty years of scientific research by some of the world’s leading experts in sharks including the KwaZulu-Natal Shark Board in South Africa which has resulted in an extensive portfolio of patents protecting the company product range and markets.

Predatory sharks have small gel filled sacs knows as the ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ on their snouts. They use these short-range sensors when feeding or searching for food. Shark Shield is a three-dimensional electrical waveform that creates an unpleasant sensation impacting the shark’s ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ causing non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasms causing it to flee the area.

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