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UGC and visual marketing platform



Shane Lewis

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VP of Revenue & Product Strategy at ShareRoot, 4th hire

Ryan Baudoin

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Justin Dambra

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Worked at ShareRoot. Experience with Business Strategy, Business Development, Cold Calling

Kristen Dadesho

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Ian Hasslacher

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Commercial Director - APAC at ShareRoot. Start Ups, Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing, General Management, Strategy, Innovation, Fun

Lisa Carmack

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Experience with Data Analysis, Market Research, Project Management, Writing, and Editing. Went to San Francisco State University

Richard Blake Wilkerson

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Maxwell Salit

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Account Exec at Patch (getpatch.com), UC Davis Alumni, Marin County Native, Co-founder of Stoked Goods

Erica Luo

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Allie Naldoza

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Nazar Soroka

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UX/UI Product Lead Designer with 5+ years' experience in user interface for mobile & web applications, graphic design.

John Paul Bugna

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Gabriel recht-appel

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Mark MacIntyre

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Board members and advisors

Founder @Context Optional (acquired by Adobe), early employee at several startups, @Stanford University BSCS/MSCS. Mayfield Fellow. Author. Guest Lecturer.
Founder @ Valence Advisory, XIR @Expa, ex-Partner @500 Startups Founder @ReTargeter Advisor @Nike Passionate about leadership, growth, fundraising & philosophy.
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Former team

Bohdan Didukh

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Natalia Maksymchuk

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Casey Boyles

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Elena Dopiro

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Ben Miller

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Graham Wong

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