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Siavash Shiva

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COO & General Counsel @ShareGrid
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of ShareGrid. Cinematographer in Los Angeles, CA.
Co-Founder & CEO at ShareGrid. Previously product designer at Groupon.


Jamie Bando

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Communications & Public Relations Specialist

James Newton

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Lead Software Engineer at ShareGrid

Natalie Robles

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ShareGrid Product Specialist, specializing in security & risk management. Documentary Film Producer. Duke Univ. alumni, both undergrad student & staff member.

Ang Li

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Dave Surber

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Harry Werber

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Tech-friendly copywriter and customer service professional. Empathetic, diligent, practical. Alternative therapy background and counseling training.

Melanie Needler

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Operations Specialist at ShareGrid

Board members and advisors

Founder of Jargon. Previously @Expedia, @Groupon, among others.
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Agnes Csepely

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Bartu Zengin

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James Keblas

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Evan Goad

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David Dawson

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Blair Anderson

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