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Design platform & Art studio 2.0

Design platform & Art studio 2.0

What is ShareCreators.com? Design platform & Art studio 2.0.
We are already revenue generating.

We are a designers platform that lets you work with worldwide art pros both online & onsite seamlessly. Share Creators not only helps companies and designers find each other, that’s what the majority of design website do, but also focuses on solving design domain problems, providing protection & enhancing efficiency. We utilize an AI project manager and chatbot to help hirers and designers finish their work faster and communicate in the same design language.

Our one-stop service leverages the top 3% of the elite talent in our large-scale talent pool to do art and design work. Eg, Media Ads design etc. Our clients include established game companies and startups from the US and China.

Linkedin transforming one business — the recruiting industry, by shifting it from a posting model to a searching model. We shifting design talents recruiting from searching to choosing elite talents.

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