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Managing the world's body scans

Managing the world's body scans

We are building a platform for the personal management of body scans. We offer secure personal accounts and gain customers for lifetime relationships. Our aim is to use 3D printing and social media avatar outputs to create as many accounts as possible containing personal and family scans linked to contact information. While we initially offer 3D printed output, body scans have relevance to virtual clothes fitting systems, health and fitness, gaming and VR avatars and other marketing purposes.

Shapies are the new family photographs: they are full colour 3D printed output from 3D body scans. Shapie Me is a neutral platform for the storage, manipulation and output of 3D body scans. Body prints can be ordered in a variety of materials including full colour prints. Further output options will come soon.
Employee @NetNames, @LloydsBank, @Perotsystems, @mytechie. Coding, DevOps, Pattern Recognition, AI, Telephony, Networking.
Internet Entrepreneur - Co-Founder Paxfire, Votiv

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Founder @NetNames, @Webmedia Founder @Nominet • Worked @Time Out, @Future Publishing Launched .net mag • Invented Cybercafe • BA @Goldsmiths College

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