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Meet ShapeScale, Personal 3D Body Scanner & Fitness Tracking [YC S15]

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Shape's a new and upcoming B2C & B2B hardware startup accelerated by Y Combinator and Stanford's StartX incubator. ShapeScale is our first product, recently launched with thousands of pre-orders already. Set for a shipping date in 2018. ShapeScale is an exciting product because it's set to touch multiple interesting angles: - from robotics in its mechanics - AI/data science in its voice control, health advice and prediction component - to possibly even VR/AR through the augmentation of the human body with additional information (health, fitness, garments, etc). The result is not just another "smart scale" or "fitness tracker" but an entire body computing platform enabling a variety of different apps. Being a startup, you can also expect various new responsibilities and personal growth opportunities emerging as the company grows. You'll not just be a cog in a giant wheel, but directly responsible for exciting features and products that have the potential to change the lives of millions for the better.
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Computer Vision Engineer, 3D Reconstruction

  • Design, implement, evaluate and test 3D reconstruction algorithms and systems with a focus on dense reconstruction, SFM, multi-view stereo, meshing, photogrammetry, SLAM and sensor fusion
  • Research, develop, and prototype advanced hardware and software technologies related to 3D reconstruction, photometric stereo, object detection, and point cloud registration

Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Posted 8 months ago
  • Lead the development of the communication layer between ShapeScale and the Cloud processing infrastructure
  • Design and implement authentication and authorization for internal and external facing services