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Canadians buy and sell bitcoin with Shakepay

Product Designer

$50k – $80k • 0.1% – 0.4%
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You will join our small, fiery team on our mission to create open access to building wealth.

We're looking for someone with a thirst for knowledge and interested in working with the most exciting financial innovation ever created: bitcoin.

Bitcoin is important because it enables wealth to be stored with an individual without need for a third party. Its fundamental use-case as a store of value with a predictable monetary policy is having profound implications on freeing individuals into financial sovereignty.

Product Designer

We are entering a new age for financial services. Legacy banking products are built on old, decaying technology while new experiences are being constructed from the ground up.

You will rethink, reimagine, and redesign how individuals are meant to build wealth. Bitcoin is enabling a world that could not previously be designed and you will be the lead product designer at Shakepay.

More specifically, you will design user flows, interactions, and experiences that are simple, intuitive, and consistent across web and mobile platforms.


You must have some knowledge about Bitcoin for this position. If you don't right now, a few hours on youtube will give you the basics for a conversation with the team.

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Roy Breidi

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Founder @Shakepay Software Developer at Morgan Stanley. Computer Engineer at McGill.

Aymeric Grail

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I've been working as a full stack dev on 2 products over the last 5 years. .Net and Azure Stack mostly (Backend). Xamarin and JS for front end.

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Canadians buy and sell bitcoin with Shakepay

Shakepay focuses on Financial Services, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Shakepay has raised $1M of funding; their latest round was closed on February 2018.

You can view their website at https://shakepay.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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