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Much like Bitcoin itself, we’re building a company that is truly changing lives, and we can only do that with the right people. Here’s a peek at our team: - Everyone (and we do mean everyone) is ridiculously nice, welcoming, and helpful. - We are relentlessly mission-driven. - We work smart and hard. - We care about every team member's progress toward their career goals, and we follow through to make sure they get there. - We make sure to have fun both at work and outside of work. This is only possible because we make a concerted effort to adhere to our cultural values every single day, and have been doing so from our company’s inception. - We act honourably: We respect others and we respect ourselves. We tell the truth and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard and expect the same from others. - We are doers, not talkers: Our default is to get things done. We believe a small team of missionaries are powerful and each of us punch above our weight. We believe that success lies in execution, not in politics. - We care about the best ideas, not about titles: We invite discussion around decisions allowing the best ideas to make their way through. Titles are meaningless in decision-making. - We are cockroaches: We obsess about worst case scenarios. We take strict measures to ensure unwanted outcomes never arise. We never die. - We are helpful: We volunteer help when our team is under fire and we are not afraid to ask for help when we are stuck. We don't "get back" to customers when they have an issue, we take it upon ourselves to solve it for them. We put the success of others and of the team before our own. We're proud of the team we've built at Shakepay. If your values align with ours, and you’re interested in helping the world become financially self-sovereign, please apply for one of our open positions—we'd be thrilled to have you.

Perks and benefits

Equity benefits

We believe everyone at Shakepay should have the financial upside for building a generational company, so every shaker owns stock options.

Remote friendly

Work on your own time, from anywhere. And if you’re in Montreal, you can come to the office and leave when you want—or don’t come at all.

Generous vacation

We're very open about taking holidays at Shakepay. We think time off is important, and encourage it.

Personal development

We work on a plan with you to help you reach your personal career goals.