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Digital Currency Mutual Fund

Digital Currency Mutual Fund

We help the everyday individual get involved in digital currency opportunities with limited knowledge of the market using a unique business plan to deliver value to our customers. We take fiat currency from our customer, build and host a mining rig - using our expertise to identify the most desirable coins - then broker the coins at optimal moments and pay-out in fiat currency while taking a commission. Our customers get the opportunity to minimize their risk by investing in an asset as opposed in a volatile currency, while also keeping the opportunity of reaping massive benefits form upshots in both alt-coin and bitcoin prices. Our customer never has to handle or worry about dealing with a new currency they are not knowledgable with, as they pay and get paid in fiat currency. Knowing this, we target the population that is between 25-50, with interest but limited understanding of the market, and has disposable income, as they are most trusting of new and exciting technologies.
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